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Hetherev Character Sheet - Prowsk and Hoomli by Harseik Hetherev Character Sheet - Prowsk and Hoomli by Harseik
EDIT: I figured that, since Hoomli is a nymph, I changed her color scheme to a white cream color. Unfortunately I merged some of the layers, so I had to use Replace Color on CS5. Doesn't look so hot anymore. xD


I'm sorry! I deleted my previous submission of this image because, after submitting this sheet to the group and deleting the correspondence message, I realized that I wasn't sure I wanted to use these characters quite yet, so yeah. They're back here now. xD I'm thinking I might want to start off with someone simpler in appearance and personality. Lol, all that work, and I might not even play these guys.

Note to Hetherev players: I know there's a lot to read regarding the rules to their personalities. I know some people would have issues drawing these guys, and I know mistakes are imminent. If Prowsk or Hoomli are portrayed inaccurately in any way, physical or mental-wise, don't feel bad about it. It's just a game. Personal interpretations are awesome anyway. <3

For Hetherev! :iconhetherev:

Name: Prowsk
Height: 6’4’’
Age: 27 (24 in reality)
Gender: Male
Region: Sen’nahat Desert
Personality: Being a member of an oppressed subspecies and frustrated by the chains of mediocrity, all while looking out for his young daughter, Hoomli, Prowsk wants to be as uninhibited and independent as the next male, but is often forced to wrestle between his roguishness and his instinctive responsibility to family. Nevertheless, he’s always seeking out excuses to be unruly or intrusive – his idea of having a good time. With a well placed joke or insult, he’s good at keeping his wounded pride in the dark. He may put Hoomli in danger quite a bit and even get her involved in some of his schemes, but ultimately he tries to keep her out of harm’s way. Although he doesn’t want to admit it in light of his individualism, his daughter is everything to him.
-----Virtues: Smart aleck, a crude kind of cunning, swashbuckling, survivalist, scrapper, go-getting, sticks up for the little guy
-----Vices: Always in over his head, haughty, trouble-making, provokes others, unsanitary, underhanded, rude, cruel-humored, prankster
Do Not Draw:
-Prowsk hitting on characters, because everyone outside of his race is ugly as far as he’s concerned, though I bet he’d do it for the lols.
-He’s also good at playing off his embarrassment, so please refrain from any sheepishness. He doesn’t give a crap. That or he’ll blow a fuse.
-No sex, cussing, or drugs for Prowsk. Coz I don’t like it (I don’t care if other charas around him do it though). He also can’t get drunk due to his immunity levels, so none of that either.
-He won’t become anyone’s buddy until he tests their gall first, via being a jerk.
Do Draw:
-Prowsk’s shady side, especially now that he’s confused and amnesiac. He cheats, lies, occasionally steals, but only kills sentient creatures if they’re seriously asking for it. Non-lethal violence is something he takes part in often, like fist brawls or incapacitating guards. He ain’t an expert, but he can scrap.
-Prowsk’s valiant side. He’s a douche and he’s disobedient, but he isn’t heartless. He wouldn’t sit around and let a stranger get torn apart by a giant sandworm. He tends to put his life on the line for people, even if he pretends that he’s just putting someone in his debt.
- Prowsk trying to prey on animals/characters. He’s hungry. xD

Name: Hoomli
Height: 3’5’’
Age: 9 (4 in reality)
Gender: Female
Region: Sen’nahat
Personality: Who knew that a nymph could develop a princess syndrome. Hoomli is automatically attracted to vibrant colors, cute baby animals, majestic living spaces, drawing enchanted forests, and of course, pretty clothes and jewelry. She sheds off her pent-up energy by lightly humming and skipping about – never minding how dark the circumstances may be. Prowsk isn’t perfect, but that fact doesn’t faze her too much, or perhaps she doesn’t seem to notice. Biased admiration for her father is quite strong, even if she tends to prove him wrong every once in a while. Ironic for a fanciful child, her insightfulness and directness make her well grounded in contrast to Prowsk’s daredevil attitude.
-----Virtues: Spirited, sensitive of feelings, compassionate, observant, carefree, strangely witty
-----Vices: Naïve, unrealistic, head in the clouds, too trusting, vengeful, can get a little hyper
Do Not Draw:
-Her acting like a total brat. She’s accommodating and intuitive, not a tiny terror. She’s just… strange.
-Her acting cowardly. She can be frightened, albeit easily, but she can function well under pressure for her age.
-Nothing too out there, kay? She’s just a child.
Do Draw:
-Her standing in for her dad all the time when it comes to making friends or being polite in general.
-Hoomli is capable of surprisingly witty/outrageous phrases. Kids say the darndest things.
-Just make sure she’s pretending to be a pretty pink princess all the time and you’ll nail her.

Are you okay with your characters being drawn with other characters without being asked first?: You have no idea how okay I am with that, but you can do me a big favor by telling me about your drawing after you post it! :3 And hey, if you have any questions regarding what’s in character and what isn’t, give me a holler, buddy. We’ll figure something out in a snap, and I love plotting with people.



Race: Wapothea ((Wah-PAW-thee)) // The Wapothea are a sub-people who originated from the Bru’eal, a clan of insectoids from the Western settlements. They were one of twelve races that left the Mountain in favor of settling Fadenrope.

Family Tier: Skeletal System >> Water (Creeping) Flesh >> Focus: Strength (Attack) / Mind (Cunning)

Environment: Wetland areas provide the high humidity levels required for best possible health, diet, and breeding conditions, so the Wapothea have not ventured far from their region of origin. They have generally evacuated the wide open marshlands in favor of swamp forests, though they cross marsh territory in order to hunt for large game. Both white and blackwaters saturate the land with nutrients, giving way to a well-furnished ecosystem. Mingling with the wetland biome are hot springs and small waterfalls that accentuate the territory.

Architecture: The Wapothea expand their colonies by building out from a single structure (the queen’s chamber), eventually forming a complicated network of living quarters typically situated alongside a river bank. The race is known for their architectural prowess, as they are able to construct mechanisms like elevators and irrigation systems out of otherwise crude materials.

Society: Living situations are strictly colonial, though smaller groups are usually nomadic. Colonies are headed by a queen, often times several queens. Being the only members who provide a means of reproduction, the queen's job is to create and guard the colony’s primary birthing matrix. Eggs are extracted from the matrix when they are ready to hatch. After twelve months the nymphs are considered old enough to leave the nursery and choose their guardians, though sticking it out on their own is another alternative since the confines of the colony are relatively safe and basic needs are readily available within the close-knit community.

The Wapothea do not have dedicated soldier and worker castes. Instead, they exhibit age caste polyethism, meaning that they take on different roles in the colony at different ages. Nymphs care for babes in the nest, young adults form parts of large foraging parties, and full adults undertake lone foraging missions across open ground, predominately collecting food, environmental study, or building materials. More experienced members are involved in inter-colony competition, while the oldest engage in ritual combat along borders between colonies to establish foraging boundaries.

Abilities: Taking a page out of the grasshopper’s book, the Wapothea are fantastic jumpers, being able to leap distances five times their own height. Their dexterous three-pronged feet are capable of grasping objects with ease and are strong enough to be used to hang from tree limbs. Broad, paddle-like tails and water-resistant skin give the Wapothea an impressive advantage in their amphibious environment. Most diseases and toxins, including alcohol, are ineffective on the Wapothea given that their immune systems have to be strong in order to combat the bacteria and poisonous spores being bred in the surrounding wetlands. Their antennae are olfactory receptors that allow the insectoids to measure water vapor as well as track prey via collecting free floating odor molecules. Alas, their adaptations to high humidity leave them with a weakness to dry weather.

Diet: Obligate carnivores, as in they are required to prey on the flesh of animals, and non-meats can only be consumed for medicinal or emetic value. Like many carnivorous Kinds, their way of life is primarily focused around hunting, an art that is both celebrated and ritualized. Their hunting strategies are very distinctive… and often even considered brutal since they rely on separating a target’s limbs to keep prey from running away. This is achieved either barehanded or via their signature acidic blade weapons. Such a tactic is mainly due to the fact that both their race and the surrounding wildlife have sectioned exoskeletons that allow for easy dismemberment.
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WhIppIng-b0y Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2016  Hobbyist
They're so precious :love: *hugs them both*
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Sweet god I love their design :3
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If my app gets approved for the group I'm totes having them in a challenge XD
DarkDragon1010 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ah, I was just waiting for Prowsk to get his own ref sheet :D
He appeared quite too often in you gallery as if you wouldnŽt take the chance and develop his character a little more.
And you did. Lol

Okay, this may sound stupid right now..
Well, I have no idea what this Heterev-thingie is. Is this a game, or a story, a webcomic or did this come out of your mind? IŽd like to know something more about it, since I see what kind of creatures are running around there 8D Just hits my taste <3
Can you explain some things to me, of would this take too long? xD
Zevink Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I want to draw Hoomli so bad. :I
Harseik Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
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Zevink Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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derpmyBASS Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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MercyInk87 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013
This is amazing stuff. I always like your designs anyway, but the attention to detail and background info is just brilliant.
Harseik Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks a bunch, McKnight (your username is epic, btw).
MercyInk87 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013
It's actually the name of an OC an the initials for my team that never happened, Hero Corps. Thanks, though.
MadMeeper Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013  Student Filmographer

Dude this is a pretty damn well thought out species! I love things like that eee.

Ooo Ikamo's in the Aspik guard. I miiiight have to doodle up some shenanigans. :'D Maybe we'll see how things progress and if you use these guys. c: Tho keep in mind that once a ref is submitted you gotta get them to the Mount challenge before you can add someone else!

And omg what a little cutie Hoomli is totally best little princess in the world. I see her putting on a tea party and forcing Prowsk to participate. xD
Harseik Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
After drawing the forever adorable Malotz, I got real jelly. xP I forgot that I had this sitting around unfinished, so I charged on in and completed the thing, apparently without keeping in mind that they might not be what I want to play at the moment. Haha. I'm glad it's done though. I don't have a lot of finished refs in my gallery anywho.

Omg, shenanigans. Prowsk and Hoomli are pros. >D Though you don't have to do any artz yet since I'll likely be throwing someone else into Heth. Lol, mount. Prowsk and Hoomli should get a sandworm!

Yey, Hoomli is wuved. ;-; And she totally would as soon as she gets educated on what a tea set is. Prowsk: [link]
Malignante Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You finally completed them! So cuuuute!
Harseik Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
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