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Stormstruck Birthday Collage by Harseik Stormstruck Birthday Collage by Harseik
This is another one of those... roleplay things. Haha.

In order to keep my skills sharp, whenever a character's birthday comes up (or a member's) I draw them a little something in celebration. :] Though recently I had gotten behind, mostly because I was away in Yuma for almost a month, but also because there are a million billion birthdays through March and May. Has anyone noticed that?! I think March has the most birthdays ever, bar none. Apparently that also goes for fictional people, which is WEIRD. So basically I drew a bunch of the characters together, rather than draw six different pictures. Okay, so allow me to introduce you guys.

On the far left is Morgan Powers and Oliver Queen/Green Arrow. Both are filthy rich motherfathers, though one's obviously very pristine and even-tempered while the other's a show-boat and not afraid to have a good time, so putting them together was a good idea. xD

In the middle is the Lex Luthor-obsessed, shapeshifting Lisa Verandera and computer hacker Alice Moore. I uh... I was taking suggestions for the image at the time over Livestream. The concept quickly descended into nonsensical madness, as you can see. LoL They haaaate each other, so it's only fair that I portray them as such. Your eyes do not deceive you; that is a picture of Lex.

To your right is Laurel Jackson (who's playing Leap Frog) and Sergio Hernandez (the guy who was once having a peaceful afternoon writing session). Laurel's an orphan who lives in the nearby forest, whereas Sergio is a scrapper with a big heart for his family. Both are superhuman. :] The big qualm I have about this is that I drew Laurel's leg in front of his right arm and I didn't notice until after I finished. :U

*Noodle arms awaaaaay.*


[link] "Stormstruck: a DC Comics RPG"
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yellowflowerevy Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2012  Student General Artist
lol awww i am a great story teller but a crap writer so i would be terrible for that group. but it most certainly looks like an awesome place.
KiethLumiere Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2012  Student General Artist
:)) this made my day a lot of times now. Awesome!
Rern Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2012
Don't worry, you can just say that Dick taught Laurel a fancy move for leapfrog. ;) I love how Sergio looks here. So quietly handsome <3

Excellent job on your poses!
Aracely Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2012
I lol so bad at this picture. So much going on! And I'm so excited you drew Sergio. 8D

I think the Lisa/Alice and Sergio/Laurel are tied to be my favorites. D: I can't pick which one I love the most!!!!
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June 21, 2012
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